Prioritizing Family – Still, Ever, and Always!

lq ption Yesterday, I was 20 miles out in the country at 7:00 a.m., caring for two horses and my disabled friend until 10:30, then it was on to my daughter’s.  When I arrived at her house, sweaty and covered in horse hair but happy, my daughter’s face showed that, for this day, her parenting reserves were spent.  After a  quick shower, I took Allen, the two-year-old for lots of dillydally errands – the drug store, the post office, the library, and the thrift store.  From 11:00 a.m. to our 2:00 p.m. naptime, it was hard to tell who had more fun, Allen or Nana!   Meanwhile,  Sharon and four-year-old Ben had their own time together.  Right now, our battling- toddlers need some daily space apart as well as special time alone with one adult.

rencontre femme email I got Axel to sleep, then plotted with Papa via phone.  When he got home for work, Mama went out for a haircut and then Papa and the 4 year old met her afterwards for an “almost date”.  (Any time they have only one child it is a date night for them for now!) e Depositi. Prelevare sul broker IQ Option è molto semplice. Sulla propria pagina personale è possibile controllare tutte le I played at home with my two year old grandson (to his constant gleeful delight) until 9:30.  When Papa, Mama, and big brother came home, my little golden-haired darling ran around hugging legs  (“Papa!  Mama!”) then he hugged my leg (“Nana!”) though we had been together since 10:30 a.m.   Then followed 15 minutes with me taking pictures of the four of them together and semi-dressed up (which rarely happens at the same time).  Mama and Papa sat on the couch while both boys launched themselves into their arms – over and over.

site de rencontre gratuit avec photos Was I exhausted as I drove home at 9:45 p.m., after my 17-hour-day?  Yes, but my little family had bailed out their emotional boat, as my beloved son-in-law Frank puts it.  They were on an even keel again, before their arduous weekend when Mama would be working nights .

best dating websites for nerds Did this day take precious time I need to prepare my website and  blog?  You betcha!  But with my time and energy I purchased priceless memories and the certain knowledge that I had helped my family. and 1>sinulle luotu

In my very ordinary life I have, blessedly, learned that God’s greatest blessings are not monetary, as He explains in the book of James.  If I budget my time in line God’s priorities, such as love and service, He supplies all my needs  – and so very, very much more!

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